100% Strong

You know you and your co-workers are stronger when you stick together on the job. As a union, we’re all stronger when we all stick together. Without unions, greedy corporations and employers are free to pay you and your co-workers as little as possible in order to make as much money as they can. 

Their goal is to hobble your union into one unable to protect your rights on the job and unable to fight for better wages and benefits. If we don’t stand together in union, we will lose important protections and it will be easier for employers to cut our jobs, our wages and our benefits.

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Your way of life is under attack; the threat is real.

Anti-union forces have been working to weaken the power of unions and prevent working men and women like you from being able to negotiate for higher wages and better benefits. If we don’t keep member contributions at a high level, we won’t be strong enough to fight for even better wages and benefits. You could lose your union advantage overnight. Let’s keep working together to make sure your union is strong, united and ready to not only withstand any attacks but also able to keep making things better for you and your family. Your field rep or shop steward or other 32BJ member leader will be connecting with you and your co-workers to commit to making your union better and stronger.

To find out how you can enjoy your union community and participate in making the union even stronger, or if you have any questions about how to get the free services, benefits and protections you’ve earned, call 800-551-3225.

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We need to show the bosses and the wealthy corporations attacking your organization that we are 100% united and 100% strong.

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