32BJ SEIU Decries Detention of MIT Janitor Francisco Rodriguez

Eugenio Villasante, 32BJ SEIU: 646-285-1087

32BJ SEIU Decries Detention of MIT Janitor Francisco Rodriguez

Labor Groups, Community Organizations and Elected Officials Will Rally at 5 PM at JFK Building in Government Center

The following statement may be attributed to Roxana Rivera, Vice-President of 32BJ SEIU District 615:

“The detention of Francisco Rodriguez by USCIS is a despicable act that our union and our community will fight all the way. Francisco, a member of 32BJ, MIT janitor, father of US citizens, small business owner and all around exemplary human being and beloved community member belongs in Chelsea, Massachusetts with his family. The current administration’s inhumane mass deportation strategy continues to divide good families like Francisco’s without any regard for the disastrous human consequences of this flawed and ill-conceived policy.

Most Americans know that immigrants are not just an essential part of our communities; immigrants are what define America. We call on the community of Greater Boston to join us today at 5pm outside the JFK building in downtown Boston to rally in support of Francisco’s family and denounce his detention and demand his release.”

WHAT:   5 pm vigil for Francisco Rodriguez, MIT janitor father of 2 US citizens who could face deportation

WHEN: Thursday July 13, 2017 at 5 PM

WHERE: Outside JFK Federal Building, 15 New Sudbury Street (Government Center), Boston, MA 02203

WHO: Members of 32BJ SEIU, the MIT Student Activist Coalition (SACO), MIT Janitor Francisco Rodriguez, elected officials, faith leaders, community partners and supporters





With 163,000 affiliates in 11 states, including 18,000 in Massachusetts, 32BJ SEIU is the largest building service workers union in the country.

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