32BJ SEIU Statement on Firing of Doormen at 360 W 43rd St

Julie Blust jblust@seiu32bj.org

32BJ SEIU Statement on Firing of Doormen at 360 W 43rd St

The following statement is attributable to Kyle Bragg, President of 32BJ SEIU:

“We were recently notified that the employer, the Brodsky corporation terminated both the doorman and concierge on duty during the heinous attack of a 65 year-old, woman of Filipino descent on March 29 in front of 360 W 43rd Street. The doorman and concierge were previously, incorrectly described as security officers. Contrary to published reports, the Union did not play any role whatsoever in this decision. Also, not accurately depicted, the workers did assist the victim and flagged down the police, as was shown in A longer version of the building’s camera footage.

“Under their collective bargaining agreement, both employees have the right to file grievances. There is a contractual process to challenge terminations. The employees have initiated that process, but the process is just beginning and can take weeks or months.

“32BJ is a union comprised of majority immigrant, Black and brown workers. We take anti-Asian hatred, and all forms of discrimination, seriously. 32BJ members are immigrants and people of color themselves, subject to much of the same racism and violence that our AAPI neighbors face.

“We believe we must root out systemic racism in all its forms. We believe that all union workers, especially workers of color who are often the subject of unfair treatment on the job, have a right to a fair process as outlined in their contract. “

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