NYC Celebrates Its Doormen (and Women)

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NYC Celebrates Its Doormen (and Women)

Twenty-one union members Honored at 12th Annual Building Service Worker Awards

New York – The men and women who clean, care for and maintain the buildings and airports of New York were honored tonight at the 2018 Building Service Workers Awards. 32BJ SEIU and Straus News organize the annual awards, where family, co-workers, employers, tenants and elected officials celebrate the dedication of building service workers who keep our city running.

Hosted by Errol Louis, host of NY1’s “Inside City Hall,” this annual event recognizes workers for their the dedication year in and year out to keep our offices, schools, public buildings and airports safe, clean, and efficient. Winners were selected from nominations from co-workers, employers, building residents, and friends.

“I’ve never said no to more work, and I have always been able to do the same thing men can do,” said Doorwoman of the Year Sinoun Bun, a Cambodian immigrant. “I have been able to raise my four kids by myself with this job, and seen the families in my building grow up, so I can’t think of anything else I’d rather do.”

Other winners of the awards included: Kole Palushaj, a third-generation building manager from midtown; Gaspar Amorin, a window washer from Queens whose union wages and a union-provided scholarship helped his son graduate from Fordham Law School; Angie Person, a cleaner at JFK who is a union activist and volunteers often at her local library; Rene Richard, a Haitian immigrant who has worked various jobs at the same midtown building for over 40 years.

“Many workers chosen for these awards tell us that this is the first time they have received any recognition in their lives,” said Héctor Figueroa, President of 32BJ SEIU. “Having the opportunity to highlight the dedication our members have to their work and the people they serve encourages us all even more to keep working and living our values to make our city and our communities better.”

Categories include: Doorman of the Year for East Side, West Side and Downtown, and Doorwoman of the Year; Super and Building Manager of the Year; Porter and Outerborough residential worker of the Year; Midtown Commercial Cleaner and Elevator Operator of the Year; Security Guard in Commercial Property and Idrissa Camara Memorial Award for Security Guard in a Public Building; School Cleaner and School Handyperson of the Year; Airport Worker of the Year for EWR, JFK and LGA; Theater Cleaner and Window Washer of the Year; Longevity Award for length of service; Helping Hand for volunteerism.

The awards are organized by 32BJ and Straus News, which publishes 17 local weekly newspapers and associated websites in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.


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